Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Re-naming files

Sorry for the lack of updates, I am in the process for re-naming the tens of thousands of images I have taken over the years, and it looks like some of them might be worthy to be published online.... we will see about that.

No matter what, there should be some images coming very soon (hopefully... :p)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Canon's EOS Rebel XSi Commercial

So... It's summer time, I am supposed to spend more time at home, enjoying the A/C, on my way to become another one of the American potato (on the couch that is). But instead, I've been busy as hell.

Here is something that I've found interesting... I get how Canon XSi is a new camera from Canon and all, and honestly, by watching the commericals, it does reminded me of those cool HP commericals that had a while back promoting their printers.

Back to the topic. The HP commerical is just cool, it shows you the things that you could do with your pictures, just need to think differently, or outside of the box. But Canon's commerical used the EOS-1D Mark III to capture the stills to be put into the video, that's just bad business practice. It gives people false expectations.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Outta School

School is out!! Woo hoo!!

I am excited..... to be a couch potato :(

Friday, April 25, 2008

Did you know that Canon USA is gonna....

Raise the price on their products starting from May 1 according to Rob Galbraith

Canon USA is in the process of informing U.S. dealers about upcoming price increases on a broad range of its camera gear. Starting May 1, 2008, dealers will pay 3-5% more to Canon for most Canon EF lenses and all Canon EOS and PowerShot accessories (plus all Canon binoculars too). The dealer net on Canon digital SLRs is unchanged.

So for those of you that have been "dying" or "itching" or "scratching" :D to get the piece of L lens, you have 5 more days till the price goes up on the lens, or you can always do what I do, buy it used :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recorded sound

So, I was reading somewhere that the reason we sound different when recorded was because

We tend to hear our own voices as much through our jawbone and throat as through our ears, so virtually everyone thinks their voice sounds different when they hear it recorded, while other people hear it the same way. And in most cases, we think we sound better than the recording reveals. This is one reason why "announcer" training uses recordings to help students learn how to speak better.
-wilderwriter on Yahoo! Answer
Now, I know this is probably not a scientific explaination, but I know my voice definitely sounds different when recorded, and I do hate my recorded voice. (Can I get a head count of who else hates their recorded voice?? Hmm huh, I thought so).

You would think it'd be a simple tweak on the audio/mic recorder end (or manufacturer end) to maybe, just maybe, add a little bit of bass or something (sorry, don't know the correct technical term) to the recording process, so the voices would be closer to what we hear inside our head.

Now I bet that recorder is going to sale like a hot cake! or maybe I just don't want my screaming in the recording to sound like a little girl shrieking. I am just saying... :D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

In love with Gmail

So I was doing my usual Adobe Camera Raw tweaking, took a little short break from the not-so-interesting stuff, and happened to stumbled across this video about Gmail, although I couldn't understand what the narrator was saying (in German I believe, correct me if I am wrong), it's still pretty crazy, production time and all, enjoy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dallas Gallery Walks

This afternoon I went down to downtown Dallas, because I needed to covered the Art Residency program UTD has opened. But then I remember my professor told us something about art walk sort of things for art galleries downtown.

After a quick google search, it turns out that there are indeed whole bunch of museums doing the art walk this afternoon. On the little electronic brochure it says there are 32 galleries around Dallas areas participating in this event, 32!! can you believe that??

Unfortunately, with the times I had, I was only able to go to 3 or 4 galleries, below are a short (or call it mini if you want) list of artists that I've found to be interesting:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov's Acrylic on Canvas Painting

P.S - The images of her painting does not do her art works justice, there are just so much textures on the canvas, such vibrant use of color that are all somehow lost due to crappy photographers. The image is above is the one that I think almost does her work justice, but still not quite, I believe it's worth it to just go to downtown Dallas just to check this out.

Click on the thumbnail to see the interview with her about her work


2. Jennifer Scott McLaughlin

Her newest work is currently being exhibited at the
Artizen Fine Arts in Downtown Dallas on Dragon Street and Howell Street.


3. Enid Williams

I like this one better because there's subtle muted color tone behind all the dots.

It's like orders within chaos or vice versa, depend on how you look at it.


4. Cara Enteles

The use of mix medium made whatever was printed on the frosted acrylic(Plexiglas) more interesting "as the surface interact with the lights in the environment, giving a surprising and unpredictable glow to the work, which changes as the light does"


For me, it was definitely an interesting evening, got a lot of inspirations for my silkscreens... just you wait :D


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